Kid’s ministry Internet Resources in one place

We have already highlighted the great list of resources at Dad in the Middle, the blog of children’s minister Wayne Stocks.

Now he has uploaded his Monthly review for January and it’s a real bumper bundle!  To give you  the flavour of what Wayne has gathered this month in his “Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol” here is his table of contents:

  • Practical Teaching Tips and Advice
  • General Ministry Issues
  • Leaders and Leadership
  • Orange Week
  • Volunteers
  • Kids & Theology
  • Kids & Christ
  • Cultural Trends
  • Resources (Music, Conferences, Internet Sites, Books, Games)
  • Curriculum and Object Lessons
  • Family Ministry
  • Parenting and Marriage Issues
  • Just For Fun

For those of us with limited time he has even highlighted the “must-reads”. 

It’s well organized and clear, so you can find your way to the items that most interest you. Enjoy the feast of good things!

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