Free powerpoint – more reasons to believe the Bible

Can the Bible be trusted? What reason is there to believe that the Bible is inspired by God? What difference has this Book made to people in real-life situations today?

 We began answering these questions in the first part of our PowerPoint presentation About the Bible.
Now part two is ready!

In part 1 we covered three reasons why we know that the Bible is inspired by God.

  • The unity of the authors
  • The accuracy of its historical record, its scientific statements and its translation
  • The prophecies that have been and are being fulfilled.

In the Bible Part 2, this Free PowerPoint Presentation gives three more reasons to believe that the Bible was inspired by God and can be trusted.

  • All attempts to destroy the Bible have been averted
  • The Bible is relevant to all ages and cultures
  • Lives have been transformed by believing the Bible.

Ready for download are:
54 PowerPoint slides . These are clear, colourful and attractive slides in PowerPoint Show format. Even if you do not have PowerPoint installed on your computer, this is a self-running program which will open when you click the file on your computer, and run . You control the presentation at your own speed, by clicking the up and down arrows on your computer.

Presenter’s notes with clearly marked cues so you will know when to advance the presentation. You will need to print these out before hand, as the PowerPoint show will fill your screen.

There is enough material in today’s downloads to take several sessions with your kids or youth. But there’s no need to confine it to them! Many adults have benefitted from this series, both for their own information and also as a help in telling others why they believe what they do.

Now to the downloads.

Right-Click on the link and download to your computer.

If you have any problems whatsoever in downloading or opening these files, please get in touch with us and we’ll help you all we can.  Just hit the Contact tab on the top menu for our info.

The Bible Part 2 Powerpoint presentation

The Bible Part 2 Presenter’s notes.

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  3. Felix

    Every material received is in place! You have made it dear and God will not leave you without blessings, keep it up!

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