Free lesson outlines – Hebrews

Free children’s bible ministry lessons are always welcome.  So we thought that we would post from time to time about such resources, as we become aware of them. Have a look and see if anything is suitable for you.

Posting about these resources is not  an indication that we have read  and approved everything . We simply want you to know about them and use your own judgement concerning their suitability for your work.

After mentioning today a free 3-year curriculum plan from Kidology, we have just seen a blog post from the excellent site.

There you will find news of a free 13-week course outline for children’s bible lessons. Made available by Children’s Ministries University Online, the course marries principles from the book of Hebrews to lessons from the Gospels.

You can download and review the course here.

Look for “The Book of Hebrews: 13 Weeks of Children’s Church Lessons”

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4 thoughts on “Free lesson outlines – Hebrews

  1. Lin

    You are very welcome, Jason! We are glad to have access to such high quality resources as you make available.

  2. evalyn fullido

    Good day;
    please may we have your free 3-year curriculum plan. I am a Sunday School teacher. thanks so much. God bless us all.

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