Free Powerpoint: The structure of the Bible

Why we can believe and trust the Bible is covered in Parts 1 and Part 2 of our free PowerPoint teaching series About the Bible.

Here is another presentation, dealing with such matters as:

  • What sort of things are in the Bible?
  • What are the Old and New Testaments?
  • What is the difference between them?
  • How did the books that are in the Bible get there?
  • What are “verses” ?

The presentation gives opportunity for you to share your own real-life experience of God helping you through the Bible. Or perhaps you have a helper you would like to involve in this way.

The presentation  finishes with an open-ended challenge, which you can develop to suit your group’s age and development.

We have found that children, teens and adults alike have valued this sort of information.

Full presenter’s notes are included and you are free to adapt and develop them to suit your group. To  download these files, Right-Click on the link and save the file to your hard drive. When you open this file, the presentation will self-run.

The Bible Part 3 : PowerPoint presentation  (10 MB .pps file)

The Bible Part 3 : Presenter’s notes   (PDF)

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10 thoughts on “Free Powerpoint: The structure of the Bible

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  3. Patrick Stevenson

    I am a 63 year old 30 year retiree from the Army. I am teaching a class to young soldiers and their spouses about the Bible. These PP Presentations have saved me MANY hours of work and speak EXACTLY to what faces the youth of today. God Bless You for your accomplishment and your ministry. It is truly a blessing to me as a teacher and expecially to me a a Christian.
    SFC Patrick Stevenson US Army Special Forces, Ret.

  4. Lin

    Thank you Patrick for those very encouraging words. We are so happy that the material has been a help to you.

  5. mary grace Amoto

    hi’ i’m a sunday school teacher’ here in Philippines, i want to improve my teaching’ so i want to be connected in this site’God bless you’all..this site is really good and helpful.

  6. EffectiveCM Post author

    Mary Grace, thank you for taking the time to send this encouraging message to us. We are thrilled that you find our site helpful. It is our plan to upload more material, as we are able. May the Lord bless you in your work among the children.

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  8. EffectiveCM Post author

    Hi Raynah. Sorry to have taken so long to reply to you. If you Right-Click on the link to the PowerPoint, then Left-click on the instruction “Save target as…” in Internet Explorer, (or “Save link as…” in Chrome), then your file explorer will open and you can choose where to save the PowerPoint file. If you are using Safari, I don’t think you can open a PowerPoint. Hope that helps! Let us know how you get on.

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