How to keep kids coming back

What will keep kids returning to our classes and clubs week after week?
Do we need to add more pzazz to our meetings, more fun, more technology?

Wayne, over at Dad in the Middle says:

No matter how relevant…no matter how exciting…no matter how deep…no matter how much fun your children’s ministry is, the key ingredient in successful children’s ministry is love.   It is more likely to bring kids back to you ministry week after week than virtually anything else you might try. 

Check out what else he has to say  about how this love can be implemented

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2 thoughts on “How to keep kids coming back

  1. Wayne Stocks


    Thanks for the mention and the link. It’s an honor to be mentioned on your blog! As you know, I think the work you and Catherine are doing on this site is amazing, and I’m glad to count you amongst the small group of kidmin people I’ve met online from whom I consistently draw inspiration and advice. Keep up the great work!

  2. Lin

    Wayne you are very kind to say that. It encourages us to know that what we are putting up here is of use to our visitors and maybe sparks off their own creativity.

    There are many of us in “kidminland” who are committed to Christ and to the kids. We are all learning from each other! What a wonderful way to be bound together – by a God-given passion!

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