Free Powerpoint review game – Burger Bar

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Fast food for kids? Yes, and not one calory or ounce of saturated fat!

In the game, correct answers to  your Bible review questions earn the team a chance to choose a lettered rectangle on a PowerPoint grid.

Once clicked, it reveals one of five items the team needs to collect in order to win the game: a burger, a drink, ketchup, fries and an ice cream sundae.

If the team has already collected the item, then it is covered again, ready for the next team – if they need it, are alert and have remembered where it is! There are three of each item so collecting is not difficult – except when a team is waiting for that one final item to clinch the game!  Many an underdog has come from behind to with this exciting review!

Full instructions are included in the Powerpoint presentation, but for your convenience they are also available in a Word document.

It is essential to download BOTH PowerPoint files and save them to the same folder on your computer. This is because the game “hops” from one presentation to the other and back again, using hyperlinked buttons. It sounds complex but it isn’t really.  Don’t let that put you off trying out this exciting game that we have found to be among the kids’ great favourites .

The first presentation contains the “game board”. This is the one containing the items to be collected.
The second “board” is for scoring. Each of the two teams have pictures of the items and can check them off on the score boards as they collect them, before you click on the button to return to the game board.

If you are not used to downloading files over the internet the following steps may be helpful:

1) Make a new folder somewhere on your computer where you will be able to easily find it again. Name it “Burger Bar”.

2) RIGHT-click on one of the links below and when prompted, SAVE it to the folder you have just made.

3) Do the same with the other PowerPoint (.ppt)  file. Remember: You MUST have these files in the same folder for the game to work properly.

4) To view the game, open up first the file (burger_bar1.ppt). Full instructions are on slides 3 and 4. OR, you could open the Word document and read the instructions there.

As always, if you have any problems, feel free to contact us –

Download Main Game board PowerPoint

Download Score chart PowerPoint

Download Instructions (Word document)

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