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This book brings together 33 authors from amongst the leaders in the fields of children’s and family ministry.  Each author was asked to define, in one word, “What Matter’s Now in Children’s Ministry.”  They were then asked to expand on that one word with a short (200 words or less) explanation of their choice. 

This is a quote from an excellent in-depth review by Wayne Stocks of a new free resource of interest to everyone in kid’s ministry.  You may have seen the information elsewhere on the web, but in case you haven’t, we thought you’d like a link to the review and download.

If you would like to find out more before downloading the e-book, visit Wayne’s site for his full and thorough review. There are links there to the download.

Or download using this link (Left-click to read online in a new window, or Right-click and save to your hard drive):
What Matter’s Now in Children’s Ministry

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