Success or Mess – right choices

This free review game is the PowerPoint version of Key to Success or a Mess, which we have made available as a printable game, ideal for small groups, in a previous post.

What is the key to making a success of your life? What is the key to making a mess? By choosing random keys, and reading the scenarios they open up, the kids are encouraged to think about the consequences of their actions.

This game goes really well with any story where the character makes a mess, or is tempted to do something wrong. For example, Joseph showing off ; David not attacking Saul in cave; Abraham getting a son his own way instead of trusting God’s promise, the disciples turning away the children, Peter cutting off the man’s ear, etc.
In schools, the practical and moral message of the scenarios is appreciated very much.

It is essential to download BOTH PowerPoint files and save them to the same folder on your computer. This is because the game “hops” from one presentation to the other and back again, using hyperlinked buttons. It sounds complex but it isn’t really.  Don’t let that put you off trying out this exciting game that we have found to be among the kids’ great favourites .

If you are not used to downloading files over the internet the following steps may be helpful:

1) Make a new folder somewhere on your computer where you will be able to easily find it again. Name it “Keys to Success”.

2) RIGHT-click on one of the links below and when prompted, SAVE it to the folder you have just made.

3) Do the same with the other PowerPoint (.ppt)  file. Remember: You MUST have these files in the same folder for the game to work properly.

4) To view the game, open up first the file (key_success_part1.ppt). Full instructions are on slides 2-6. OR, you could open the Word document and read the instructions there.

As always, if you have any problems, feel free to contact us –

Download Key to Success Instructions (Word document).

Download Key to Success Part 1  PowerPoint file

Download Key to Success Part 2 PowerPoint file

If you would prefer the printable version, go to this post for the download.

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3 thoughts on “Success or Mess – right choices

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  2. Wynn

    I was wondering if in these powerpoint games, you considered doing them in one slide show and just hyperlinking between slides so it would be easier to run without having to make sure both files are in the same folder and running.

  3. EffectiveCM Post author

    Hi Wynn! Thanks for taking the time to give that suggestion.
    The reason the two files are separate is because when we were developing the game we discovered that we hit a snag if the score slide and the playing slide were in the same presentation.

    When you moved from slide A to slide B, and then back to slide A, slide A had been restored to the starting position. Similarly, returning to slide B shows it as at the start. It doesn’t “hold in its memory” what has gone before.

    The only way to stop the slides reverting to their starting condition is to have them running in two separate presentations.

    That is what we found, but Wynn, if you know a way round that, I’d love to hear of it. We are just beginning and would welcome any help and advice.

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