On a Bug Hunt – free PowerPoint review Game

Thanks to Iconshock.com for the great images, used with permission throughout this game.

Some of the most popular items that are downloaded from our site at the free PowerPoint review games.

Maybe it is being on our allotment garden and seeing all the wee insects and creepy crawlies that inspired this summery game.

It works in the same manner as the Burger Bar PowerPoint review game. There are two presentation files to download. Once these are saved into the same folder on your computer, you can hop between one and the other using the special ladybug button. One is the “playing board” with the insects hidden beneath the numbered cards. The other is the score board where the bugs are checked off the list.

The teams have to answer your questions to earn the right to choose a number and reveal the tiny bug below. The aim of the game is to collect one each of the 5 creatures . Easier said than done!

Don’t be put off by what appears at first to be a complex PowerPoint. Once you have opened up the file and had a “play” yourself, you will see how easy it is and how much fun it will be for your children.

If you are not used to downloading files over the internet the following steps may be helpful:

1) Make a new folder somewhere on your computer where you will be able to easily find it again. Name it, for example, “Bug_Hunt”.

2) RIGHT-click on one of the links below and when prompted, SAVE it to the folder you have just made.

3) Do the same with the other PowerPoint (.ppt)  file. Remember: You MUST have BOTH these files in the same folder for the game to work properly.

4) To view the game, open up first the file (Bug_Collecting_part1.ppt). Full instructions are on slides 3 and 4. OR, you could open the Word document and read the instructions there.

As always, if you have any problems, feel free to contact us –

Download 1.  Main Game board PowerPoint

Download 2.  Score chart PowerPoint

Remember!  You must download both the above files to be able to fully enjoy the game.

Download Instructions (Word document)

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4 thoughts on “On a Bug Hunt – free PowerPoint review Game

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  2. Samantha Hopkins

    Wow! I have just discovered this website and will definitely be saving it in to my ‘Favourites’! Thanks so much for the free resources. I have just downloaded the ‘Bug Hunt’ powerpoint to use with my Class of 30 Reception children. It’s perfect and has saved me a lot of time! I would never have been able to produce something so fab! Thanks also for the clear downloading instructions.

  3. Laurie Spurk

    I have open office instead of powerpoint It usually will run powerpoint without any problem but I cannot get the 2 screens to switch back & forth (yes they are in the same folder). I say usually it works, I have only tried a few powerpoints with it but they have seemed fine. Do you have any idea why it won’t switch. My kids club is called Nature Club and the bug game would be perfect.

  4. EffectiveCM Post author

    Hi Laurie. Thanks for your feedback. I’m sorry the Open Office isn’t handling the game as neatly as Powerpoint. Perhaps it is the hyperlinking from one presentation to another which is the problem.

    I will check it out in my own OO and see what can be done. Naturally, I’ll post here any solution or work-around.
    Your Nature Club sounds really good fun. I’m sure the kids will enjoy the game when we get it running!

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