The Apocrypha and Gnosticism: Powerpoint presentation

We know that many of our readers have been downloading PowerPoint presentations and leaders’ notes for the What Christians Believe series.
(See here for Part 1, Part 2 and  Part 3)

Originally, we had only three presentations. But  from those to whom we were teaching  Parts 1-3 came questions about the Apocrypha. So we began to create some teaching to place into context these books, which appear in some versions of the Bible and not others.

Then, with the rising popularity of The Da Vinci Code book and film, came questions about what Dan Brown and others believed regarding the life of Jesus and the people surrounding him. So Gnosticism became another topic, and it sat very well with the teaching we were preparing on the Biblical Apocrypha.

This PowerPoint presentation and leaders’ notes is now available for you here. As you will see from another post, the materials found on this site need not be confined to children’s ministry.  Youth and adults will benefit from this, too.

In The Bible Part 4: Apocrypha and Gnosticism you will find material which answers the questions:

  • What is the Apocrypha?
  • Does it fit in with the rest of the Bible?
  • Why are these books not accepted by main-stream evangelicals?
  • What are the Gnostic Gospels?
  • What do gnostics today believe?
  • Are present day gnostics correct in their thinking?

To download the files for this presentation, right-click on the links below and save to your own computer.

The Bible Part 4 – The Biblical Apocrypha and Gnosticism – Powerpoint file

The Bible Part 4 – The Biblical Apocrypha and Gnosticism – Leaders’ notes PDF

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