Is Christmas a Myth or Truth?

We made this PowerPoint teaching available a year ago. It was one of the first items we uploaded onto this blog.

Since then, many more visitors have joined us here, so it seems apt to flag it up again, as older blogs can sink to the bottom of the archives!

Myth or Truth? is a  PowerPoint presentation which may be used as one element in a service, or as the basis of a small group Bible study.

It is a brief introduction to the main areas of evidence which prove that Jesus is the promised Messiah, Saviour of all who trust in him.
Develop this as you wish. It is absolutely free to download.

A script is provided in PDF format, to guide you through the slides. 

Download the Powerpoint Presentation for Myth or Truth

Download the “Myth or Truth?” PowerPoint Presentation

Download the script for Myth or Truth

Download the script for “Myth or Truth?” (PDF)

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