Teaching kids to be gracious receivers

What do your kids do when they open their Christmas gifts and find:

  • A duplicate of something they already have.
  • The gift is something they truly don’t like. (Your 14-year-old receives a brown and purple sweater dotted with green squirrels.)
  • The gift is for the wrong age. (Your 12-year-old gets a preschool coloring book.)
  • The gift is inappropriate. (You might not like your child having toys or apparel promoting a certain TV or cartoon character, but Aunt Jane doesn’t know that.)

Modern Day Joseph, a web site of the children’s ministry AWANA, has a great article with practical tips on how to encourage our kids to be gracious when they receive gifts.

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2 thoughts on “Teaching kids to be gracious receivers

  1. MK (Children's Ministry Volunteer)

    aving your children accept wanted and unwanted gifts graciously is incredibly important. The most obvious reason is that your child could hurt the gift-giver’s feelings which they don’t deserve after spending time, money, and love into giving your child a gift. The other less obvious reason is that the ability to accept graciously adds to your child’s character because that means that they understand what the gift stands for (that they are loved by the gift-giver) even if they don’t particularly like the gift itself.

  2. EffectiveCM Post author

    You are so right, MK. We cann teach our kids to see what the consequences to other people might be from our behaviour. And your second point – about character building – is equally important. Thank you for taking the time to comment. You hit the nail right on the head!

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