Object lesson – plane, rocket, cross

The cheery Brad Brown teaches us how to do a simple but effective paper-tearing object lesson.  Great for Easter, or for any time you want to lead in to speaking about how to be sure of going to heaven.

Practise well, and you will be able to do this anywhere, anytime! Brad even gives us some detailed practical tips which will help us make this a sparkling and inspirational presentation of the gospel message. Thanks Brad, for generously sharing this with us all.

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5 thoughts on “Object lesson – plane, rocket, cross

  1. edelyn pendon

    I would like to praise God for I found this site that will really help me on my message every sunday at my kids church ministry.. this is very helful, because i have a difficulty in finding object lesson. .. thank God for sharing this idea to me.. God Bess you in your ministry and more power.

  2. edelyn pendon

    The object lesson on plane rocket is very good and useful for our street evangelism. very easy to teach to my kids who are with me every time we go out every saturday for kids evangelism and feeding program.

    God Bless you BOB


  3. Katherine Ho

    Thank you for your generosity to share your resources.
    Indeed it is a blessing to get some idea from your website to teach the children in our Sunday School here in Malaysia.

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