Evidence for the Resurrection – PowerPoint teaching

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As Easter is approaching, we have been keen to create a free PowerPoint teaching aid for you to use with kids, teens or even adults.

Only Part 1 is ready at present. It covers 9 powerful evidences for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Part 2, when it is ready, will deal with  5 common objections to this core belief of Christianity and answer each one.

Part 1 – The Evidence covers details of

  • The broken seal
  • The stone moved away
  • The grave clothes intact
  • The  empty tomb
  • The evidence of the women
  • The guards evidence
  • The appearances of the risen Christ
  • The transformation of the disciples
  • The unbelievers who changed their minds

Accompanying the PowerPoint presentation is a set of Presenter’s Notes. They are in PDF format for you to download and print out. These will guide you through the presentation, with cues indicating when to advance the slide. The notes are full enough for you to read aloud as they are, but we recommend that you “make them your own” and adapt them to suit the age and culture of the people you are working with.

Here are three sample slides, to show you the type of visuals that are included.

What the guards saw and experienced

Peter’s list of some of those who saw Jesus alive after the resurrection

Christ’s followers became bold, despite opposition

To download the whole presentation,  RIGHT-click on the links below  and save the files to your computer.

Oh, one more thing, this has been completed to the best of our ability,though quickly, to get it to you in time for Easter.  So there may be some typos or something might not work as it should. We are using the 2010 version of PowerPoint, and we are not sure if the slide animations will behave themselves if you are using an earlier version. We would value your feed-back in order to get this as good as it is possible to be and help you all we can.

Please let us know if you are having problems by visiting our contact page.

Don’t  forget to download your notes as well as the PowerPoint!

1Download the PRESENTERS’ NOTES  for Evidences of the Resurrection of Christ (PDF)

2Download the Free POWERPOINT  presentation for Evidences of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (5.7mb)

**News Update!**

If you do not have PowerPoint you can now download the Resurrection presentation in Open Office Format


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9 thoughts on “Evidence for the Resurrection – PowerPoint teaching

  1. Ursula Young

    What a great way to present the Resurrection of Jesus. Apologetics for children, Yeah! The only thing I noticed, was at the end…What do you think? the letter “k” was separated on another line. I have PowerPoint 2007.

    Will share, hopefully it can be used for this upcoming Easter message to children.

  2. EffectiveCM Post author

    Thank you for your kind comments, Ursula. I’m glad to hear that PowerPoint 2007 is opening this presentation.

    Thanks too for your feedback about the letter “k”. I have checked my version and it is okay. Maybe you could reduce the size of the lettering on that slide by using your PowerPoint program. Please let us know how you get on.

    When I am able, I will do that and upload an improved version. Thanks again for your input. God bless you as you use it!

  3. Dr James Udoh


  4. EffectiveCM Post author

    Thank you for your kind and encouraging words, Dr Udoh. May the Lord bless you as you work with the children he brings you into contact with!

  5. Paul Ojegbade

    Thank you or giving your time, energy and resources to put these lessons together. It has been helpful in teaching the children in the ministry here in Nigeria. God bless you for these great works.

  6. EffectiveCM Post author

    Thank you, Paul, for your very encouraging words. It thrills us that you are finding these materials useful in your work with the children. We look forward in 2014 to developing more teaching programs, review games and Bible lessons. Thank you for taking the trouble to give us feedback. We appreciate it very much.

  7. virgilio lim sr.

    i am bible study leader and this articles and power point helps me a lot to teach the truth.

  8. Lyndon

    Wow! Great resource, I’m using it today for a ‘fill in’ Kids church lesson, so pleased I found this! Blessings from the sunny Central Coast, near Sydney Australia!

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