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Cake decorating craft for kids

Kids love things that look like something they are not!

This great craft idea from Awana at home is pretend “spaghetti and meatballs” with “tomato sauce”. And it’s a delicious cake dessert.

This is what you start with! Image from Awana at Home

It is easy to make at home, or even with a small group in a club, because you can buy pre-baked fairy cakes and have the decorating materials ready.

To find out how to make the delicious and fun dessert, visit the Awana at Home blog, ApPARENTly Blogging, for all instructions and some gooey, mouth-watering pics.

And here is the finished product! Pic from Awana at Home

Can you guess what makes the meatball, tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese? You’ll find out here!

Teaching kids to be gracious receivers

What do your kids do when they open their Christmas gifts and find:

  • A duplicate of something they already have.
  • The gift is something they truly don’t like. (Your 14-year-old receives a brown and purple sweater dotted with green squirrels.)
  • The gift is for the wrong age. (Your 12-year-old gets a preschool coloring book.)
  • The gift is inappropriate. (You might not like your child having toys or apparel promoting a certain TV or cartoon character, but Aunt Jane doesn’t know that.)

Modern Day Joseph, a web site of the children’s ministry AWANA, has a great article with practical tips on how to encourage our kids to be gracious when they receive gifts.

Free Powerpoint game – Christmas lights

Free powerpoint Christmas gameLast year we made a little PowerPoint game for Christmas.  As the post announcing this resource is deep in our archives, we are flagging it up again here, to let you know that the free PowerPoint is still available for download.

It’s a very simple idea – the two teams have to answer questions in order to light all five bulbs in their string of Christmas lights. 

Right-click on the link below and save the file to your harddrive. Don’t worry if you do not have the Powerpoint program on your computer. This self-running file with open up and work just the same, using your mouse to click on the lights.

You can download the Christmas lights game here.

Free Powerpoint slides about Joy

Free to download images for your own PowerPoint - subject JOY

Dan Scott has prepared a series of PowerPoint slides and loaded them onto Flikr. These would be great for a talk to children, youth or adults. One of them illustrates this post, but you can see them all on his Flikr account.

You’ll get all the info on Dan’s  blog, together with a suggested music play list.

Thanks Dan for your generosity in making these available.

Free resources for Christmas party publicity

You may well be planning your children’s Christmas party round about now. Are you looking for free downloadable resources, to help you  produce professionally designed invitations and flyers?

We thought you might be interested in a web site we’ve just come across.

Christian Tools of Affirmation have some products to buy, but they also generously make available  for free download PDFs which you can customize. Invitations, flyers,  cards, door hangers, even related service plans for schools, are on their pages.

This year’s theme is Love came down at Christmas. Free Christmas party invitation resources

Last year’s theme is also still available. It was Happy Birthday Jesus.

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