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Mother’s day and kids with no mum

Once again our friends over at have come up with a practical and sensitive article.

To quote from the introduction:

Some of the children in our classrooms may not have a mother present in the home due to death, abandonment, military service, incarceration, custody issues, or various other circumstances.Parents can also be dealing with Mother’s Day grief, especially for those who have lost a child or their own mother recently. These feelings often will affect all the children in the family. So how can we approach the day with compassion? 

You can find  Mother’s Day & Kids Who Have Lost Their Mom here.

There is also a companion post on Father’s Day & Kids Who Have Lost Their Dad

Taking time to dream

Seth Godin is a successful and respected entrepreneur and business author. In his blog he wrote:

I stumbled on a great typo last night. “Staff in the lobby were wondering around…”
Wandering around is an aimless waste of time. Wondering around, though, that sounds useful. Wondering why this product is the way it is, wondering how you can make the lobby more welcoming, wondering if your best customers are happily sharing your ideas with others… So many things worth wondering about, so few people actually taking the time to do it. Wondering around is the act of inquiring with generous spirit.

Colin Peckham, preacher and author once told us, “In God’s work you’ve got to have time to dream.”

In kid’s ministry we can spend time preparing our crafts, planning the décor, selecting or making our visuals, studying the lesson…and a thousand and one other good and vital things. But what a joy when we have time to dream!

A relaxing environment can be hard to come by, but if we find it, then coupled with a sanctified imagination and an intimacy with God, we can dream his dreams, catch his vision, think the impossible. As Seth Godin said, wondering around can be very useful.

10 weeds that choke kid’s ministry

We both love our allotment garden. We grow veggies, fruit and flowers  there, but the crop can be ruined by weeds and pests.
So we sat up and took note when we spotted  one article highlighted  in the Childrens Ministry magazine newsletter. is a great site, stuffed with useful resources and tips from experienced kid’s workers.

Walter Norvell, a children’s minister in Tennessee, writes  about 10 “weeds” that threaten the growth of your children’s ministry. It’s a great check list to run through from time to time.

10 Things That’ll Ruin Your Children’s Ministry

I can’t do kids’ ministry because I’m not musical

Though music is not critical to the effectiveness of your children’s ministry, songs are a great vehicle for conveying doctrine and memorizing Scripture and the books of the Bible, for example. So you can be forgiven for thinking that being non-musical might be a hindrance to kid’s ministry. 

It is often hardest for those who are on there own, or with just one or two other helpers. In larger churches, where there are volunteers with many talents, you are more likely to find someone who can play musical instruments for the children’s worship.
But what do you do if neither you nor your helpers can play? Well, there are ways round this.

1. Teach yourself the guitar

Many children’s songs can be accompanied with only a few simple guitar chords. It is possible to teach yourself. There are some helpful websites with tips and resources. A Google search will lead you to some. There are even Christian teachers, for example Jean Welles at who offers guitar and piano lessons on DVD and tips online.

2. Pre-record a musical friend

You could ask a musical friend if you could record them playing some tunes that you plan to use in coming weeks . Then you can tape off the “master” each week the particular tunes you need.

3. Buy Christian children’s music CDs

You could buy CDs of Christian children’s music. More are available these days. You will find your own favourites, but here are some suggestions to start you off.

Scripture Lady

Child Evangelism Fellowship

4. Download free audio music tracks

Some websites offer low-cost or even free downloads of audio files and words and music to print out. There are some that make available tracks with children singing the words. This is ideal when your kids are learning a song. But they also provide files of the backing tracks, which you can use when your children are more confident.
Check out   for a range of song styles.

5. Pray for a musician

Pray for someone musical to join you. We know a children’s group who had no musician, until the leader asked an elderly lady to help out. She didn’t feel she could teach the children, or lead any activities, but she was able to use her keyboard playing skills to help the singing go with a swing. She was delighted to be able to serve the Lord like this .

At first it may seems that your lack of musical ability is a hindrance, but it need not be.

If you know of other helpful music resources, do chime in using the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you.

How to keep kids coming back

What will keep kids returning to our classes and clubs week after week?
Do we need to add more pzazz to our meetings, more fun, more technology?

Wayne, over at Dad in the Middle says:

No matter how relevant…no matter how exciting…no matter how deep…no matter how much fun your children’s ministry is, the key ingredient in successful children’s ministry is love.   It is more likely to bring kids back to you ministry week after week than virtually anything else you might try. 

Check out what else he has to say  about how this love can be implemented

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