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Palm Sunday craft


Palm Sunday craft

Image from

Children’s Ministry magazine is always a fund of great ideas. There online resources are no exception.

In this craft and activity you can wave your home-made palm branches and shout praises to Jesus, while thanking God for the blessings others bring into your lives.

This idea for a family Palm Sunday celebration can be used in a church context, family worship or class room. Just adapt the setting. The discussion and craft are very versatile and helpful. Through our own emotions we can gain a greater understanding of what the Jerusalem people and Jesus felt. We can also have opportunity to value and appreciate others – and that is always good.

Here is the Palm Sunday activity and craft plan from

Cake decorating craft for kids

Kids love things that look like something they are not!

This great craft idea from Awana at home is pretend “spaghetti and meatballs” with “tomato sauce”. And it’s a delicious cake dessert.

This is what you start with! Image from Awana at Home

It is easy to make at home, or even with a small group in a club, because you can buy pre-baked fairy cakes and have the decorating materials ready.

To find out how to make the delicious and fun dessert, visit the Awana at Home blog, ApPARENTly Blogging, for all instructions and some gooey, mouth-watering pics.

And here is the finished product! Pic from Awana at Home

Can you guess what makes the meatball, tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese? You’ll find out here!

Poppy craft for Remembrance Day

There is a lovely idea which we came across recently for a simple craft project to tie in with Poppy Day (Remembrance Day or Veterans’ Day) .

You will find it on DLTK’s Crafts for Kids, together with masses of other ideas for all sorts of craft. In addition to ideas,  templates and other downloadable printables are available free of charge for all sorts of projects.

Home made no-cook play dough

Playdough from

There are plenty of recipes for play dough to make at home, but many involve cooking.

This great one from not only looks good but smells nice too!

It involves Kool-Aid , which for us in the UK is difficult and expensive to get. But for those of you who can get hold of it, Kool-Aid seems to be the secret ingredient!

>>There are full instructions and a video demo here.

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