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Christmas song for pre-schoolers

Even young children can perform a simple Christmas songAre you looking for something simple for your pre-schoolers to present at your Christmas service? 

Here is an idea for a charming little song to the tune of Are you sleeping Brother John (also known as Frere Jacque).

It is ideal for your Sunday School or children’s club Christmas pageant or nativity presentation.

It can acted out with non-speaking parts for the following characters: Mary,  Shepherd(s), King(s) and Angel(s) and you can use as many or as few children as you wish to present the scenes that accompany the song.

Follow the link to, where you will find this and other great ideas.

Baby Jesus Song Performance details are here.

Simple Christmas presentation for kids to do

Here is a very simple idea – and the visuals you need are free to download.

A simple presentation for your children to do.

Prepare large rectangular cards, each with a letter on.  If you wish, make them the shape of tree baubles, or bells.
This could be done equally well with large imitation Christmas cards, which open to reveal the letter as each line is said.
Or even simply cover the rectangles with gift wrap and put a bow on for imitation gifts.

Whatever shape you choose you need one for each letter.  To help the children, their lines may be printed large and clear on the back.  We have found this removes a lot of strain, and is especially helpful if time is short!!

The children take turns to hold up their card , reveal the letter and say their line.  For little ones who know their letters but cannot read, you could have them hold up the cards while older children read , or a narrator.

C  tells us the Lord Jesus CHRIST is His name
H says down from HEAVEN to earth He came
R says REMEMBER, God sent Him one day
I says, in the INN He had no place to stay
S speaks of the STAR that shone in the sky
T tells us that there were great TIDINGS of joy
M says in a MANGER Jesus was born
A – ANGELS and men worshipped Him that morn
S says, Christ came down to SAVE you and me
[All] That’s the real meaning of Christmas, you see!

A free downloadable version of this, with Christmas gift boxes as the theme, is available. Simply print it out and laminate.
Click here for the free download of script and printable visuals.

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