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Free visuals: How to cope with Temptation

What do running shoes and a warning bell have in common? They both feature in this free visual presentation.

The download is a PDF containing full instructions and images to print out and laminate. It is what we call an Adaptable Application, because although it was first intended to illustrate practical teaching from the life of Moses, it is adaptable for any Bible lesson where temptation features.

The simple outline gives children and others a four-step strategy, so that they can cope better when they are tempted. Piece by piece, as you open out the teaching and apply it to real life, the visuals help the kids to retain the teaching.

Here is an outline for How to Cope with Temptation.

REMEMBER what you have been told.
Our teachers and the folk who look after us at home tell us right and wrong.

REALIZE the danger.
Every action has a result. We need to think things through; think ahead to what might happen to us, or to others, as a result of our actions.

RUN AWAY from the situation.
It is not cowardly, when you are tempted, to go off do something else. It takes courage to run away from doing wrong!

RELY on God.
Christians believe he has the power to help us do right, and follow God’s plan for life.


Would you prefer this Adaptable Application as a PowerPoint presentation? let us know, by clicking the contact tab and emailing us at the address given. We’ll be happy to try to help you with that.

To download the printable version, Right-Click the link below and save the file to your computer.

Download  the Adaptable Application – How to Cope with Temptation (PDF)


Free lesson outlines – Hebrews

Free children’s bible ministry lessons are always welcome.  So we thought that we would post from time to time about such resources, as we become aware of them. Have a look and see if anything is suitable for you.

Posting about these resources is not  an indication that we have read  and approved everything . We simply want you to know about them and use your own judgement concerning their suitability for your work.

After mentioning today a free 3-year curriculum plan from Kidology, we have just seen a blog post from the excellent site.

There you will find news of a free 13-week course outline for children’s bible lessons. Made available by Children’s Ministries University Online, the course marries principles from the book of Hebrews to lessons from the Gospels.

You can download and review the course here.

Look for “The Book of Hebrews: 13 Weeks of Children’s Church Lessons”

Free 3-year curriculum

I just picked up a Tweet from Karl at Kidology. He says: ”  

Missionaries around the world: Are you aware of this 100% FREE Complete 3 Year Bible Curricula? 

The Kidology web site tells more: 

Kidology Open Source Curriculum is a collection teaching tools you download, remix, and share with others!

Kidology is excited to offer a complete 3-year children’s ministry curriculum for FREE.     

This collection consists of three 1-year programs: Old Testament Chronological Study, New Testament Chronological Study, and Value Keepers of the Bible.  We’re big fans of the collaborative power of the Internet to take something and make it better, so we’re “open sourcing” these studies written with extensive detail by Susan E. Harper, author of our popular The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe Companion Study. Whether or not you are a Kidology Member, you can download and use all the units from this series with grades 1-6.

To download the material you need to be a member of Kidology, but there is a free membership level which qualifies you for these downloads.
Sign up is quick and easy and you get instant access to this material. If you are on a budget, and would value the suggestions of this structured curriculum, with ideas for activities and games as well as Bible teaching, then check out the information page.

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