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Ideas for Thanksgiving Games and activities

Ideas for Thanksgiving Games for all the familyIf you are looking for a source of ideas for Thanksgiving games and activities for young people, you can do no better than visit Ken Sapp’s great resource site – Creative Youth Ideas.

Ken’s recent blog post gathers up a whole heap of fun in his list of stress-free  Thanksgiving games and activities that the whole family can enjoy round the table.

But maybe you are also looking for some HIGH-ENERGY games for your youth group of children’s club. Well, Ken has that angle covered too.

Check out his post entitled High Energy Thanksgiving Party Games for Youth, Children, and Adults and benefit from some tried and tested ideas.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dividing a group for team games

Sometimes it is the simplest ideas that work the best. This one from the great resource and idea site,  Youth Leader Stash is tried and tested.

As the writer says, you may already be using this method of quickly breaking up a large group into two or more teams. But it may never have occurred to many who are starting out in  kids’ or youth work or have never come across it.

Using this method you will, in a few second, have divided even a huge group (Youth Leaders Stash say 75 kids and over!) into as many teams as you wish, each with  the same balance of boys and girls, and a similar age ranges.

>> Check it out here.

Group games tips and ideas – part 2

Sometimes it is the simplest games that surprise us with the enthusiasm and delight of the kids. Even teens can get a kick out of some of them. have several blog posts about games for groups. Why not hop over to their blog?
There are even videos of two of the games being played (by teens!) and a link to a PDF Activity guide which details many more games. With a little thought, you can select ones suitable for your age group and have a whale of a time!

The first part of Minute to Win it for Church groups

The second part of  Minute to Win it for Church groups

Games for large groups

In a previous post we spoke about the dangers and advantages of group games.

Now for some great ideas for group games. You will find them at the forum. If you are looking for some tried-and-tested games ideas, check it out the big list here.

Or how about this one involving bowls of M&Ms and a scooter!!

Are there any large group games you have found to work with minimum danger (!) and maximum fun? If you have, feel free to comment below.


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