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Group games tips and ideas – part 2

Sometimes it is the simplest games that surprise us with the enthusiasm and delight of the kids. Even teens can get a kick out of some of them. have several blog posts about games for groups. Why not hop over to their blog?
There are even videos of two of the games being played (by teens!) and a link to a PDF Activity guide which details many more games. With a little thought, you can select ones suitable for your age group and have a whale of a time!

The first part of Minute to Win it for Church groups

The second part of  Minute to Win it for Church groups

Games for large groups

In a previous post we spoke about the dangers and advantages of group games.

Now for some great ideas for group games. You will find them at the forum. If you are looking for some tried-and-tested games ideas, check it out the big list here.

Or how about this one involving bowls of M&Ms and a scooter!!

Are there any large group games you have found to work with minimum danger (!) and maximum fun? If you have, feel free to comment below.


Octopus group game

A great source of tried and tested ideas is the online magazine.  You can sign up for their email newsletter and get loads of helpful and relevant information.

This week they flagged up a group  game for 6-12 year olds. Octopus is fun to play, especially as when a child is “out” he is also “in”.

Here’s how it works:

What to do: Create two home bases on either end of a large play area. Choose someone to be the Octopus. Have all the other children start on one home base. Once kids leave home base, they have to get to the other base before getting tagged by the Octopus. When kids are tagged, they join hands with the Octopus. The Octopus works together to catch other kids.

Once an Octopus has six people, it breaks in two. Play until all children have been tagged.

For this and other great ideas, visit

Have you discovered a helpful site with resources and ideas for children’s ministry. Why not let us know by adding a comment below?

Sailing boat Bible review game

Scripture Lady (aka Kathy Vincent) has a wonderfully vibrant ministry to children.

Her goal is to get kids excited about the Bible – and judging by the videos on her site, God is helping her to do just that, through Bible memory work, song and activities.

Hers is definitely a site worth visiting. And once you are there, why not sign up for Kathy’s free email newsletter. She sends out tips and ideas that don’t appear on the web site, and every one is a tried and tested winner!

With Kathy’s permission we are sharing one of her email goodies with you today. She has entitled this one…

Sail on Sailor – A Fun Scripture Activity for Your Elementary Kids

Scripture Lady writes:

“There is something thrilling about being on a boat.  Whether in a little canoe out on a quiet lake or on a sailboat out in the middle of the ocean, boating is a beautiful way to enjoy God’s creation. 

The Bible has some interesting ship stories.  Here is a list of 9 Bible passages about boats.  You will use them for the following activity:  Genesis 7:1, Exodus 2:3, Jonah 1:3, Luke 5:3, Matthew 13:2, Matthew 8:24, John 6:21, Acts 27:41 and Matthew 4:21-22.

For this idea, I suggest you obtain a kiddie pool filled with water.  Next, if you can, purchase 12 toy plastic boats (your local dollar store will probably have some) and with a permanent marker, number each one with a number from 1 to 12 and set them afloat in the pool.  Now, you will need to create 2 charts – one for your eyes only and the other for all the children to see.  The first chart should be written out as follows: 

  1. Genesis 7:1 
  2. Exodus 2:3
  3. Ship Sunk!
  4. Jonah 1:3
  5. Ship Sunk!
  6. Luke 5:3
  7. Matthew 13:2
  8. Matthew 8:24
  9. John 6:21
  10.  Acts 27:41
  11.  Ship Sunk!
  12.  Matthew 4:21-22

The second chart that the children can see, should contain these 9 different captions:

Noah’s Ark

Moses’ Basket Boat

Jonah’s Ship

James’ and John’s Boat

Peter’s Boat

Parable of the Sower was Told

Jesus calmed the Sea

Jesus Came Here after Walking on Water

Paul’s Shipwreck. 

I actually wrote my on pictures of boats I found on my computer.

To play the game, divide your children into 2 teams.  Have a child from the first team “fish” a boat out of the pool.  He will look at the number on the boat and tell it to you. 

You will look on the first chart and see whether the child will read a verse or whether his ship has sunk. 

If his ship sunk, the play goes to the next team.  If he is to read a verse, he does so from a Bible and then tries to pick the caption that matches the passage he just read.  If successful, he gets 50 points for his team.  The team with the most points wins!  Happy sailing!”

Thanks for that fun activity idea, Kathy!
If you like this idea, why not go on over to, have a look round for more great ideas and then join her email list.

Games for Learning books of the Bible

For those of us who became a Christian As an adult, it wasn’t easy to  learn the books of the Bible in order.  Children, though, have very retentive memories and we can give them a great tool if we help them learn the books in order.

Scripture Lady has a site packed full of fun ideas and excellent tips for children’s ministry. This week I stumbled across some posts she made about games for helping children become familiar with the names of the books in the Bible.

You can find the first 5 games here

Here is the second post, another bunch of games

Making learning fun is a sure-fire way of making it stick.

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