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Group game for teaching about prayer

A novel way to get kids thinking about prayer and the wonderful way God can meet their needs (though not necessarily their wants) is to play a simple game suggested by Creative Youth Ideas. If you have never visited the site before, you are in for a treat as it is loaded with ideas and tips, many of which are adaptable for children or teens.

One that recently caught my eye is All you Need. Get in a circle, grab a soft ball or even a wadded up pair of clean socks and follow the clear instructions for a great discussion starter.

Using Toy Story 3 to explore spiritual issues

A great resource has been made available by the excellent Damaris Trust. This organization comments on cultural  and media matters from a Christian perspective. In the CultureWatch section of their web site you will find a free discussion guide for Toy Story 3.

This movie has been widely watched by adults and children. The discussion questions are aimed at children and you may find them  useful in an informal conversation, or as part of a club or class meeting.

Check out the Toy Story 3 discussion guide from Damaris Culture Watch.

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Group Games tips and ideas

Life circumstances have recently got in the way of Catherine and I uploading our own material for you to download. But from time to time we can point you in the direction of some other helpful sites.

With summer fun days and other events these days, help with group games is always welcome. have some great posts to stimulate your own thoughts and also to get you started with tried and tested group games.

Here’s one about how games can enhance your ministry.

And another about how to avoid common mistakes when playing games with your kids. The writer tells us that these are the ones which can derail our effectiveness.

Summer arts and crafts

It is always a blessing and inspiration to hear or read of other people’s ideas. We have been signed up to the e-newsletter of for some time.
There is a quality and consistency about the tips and ideas their writers share.
This month’s e-news contains a link to a great selection of summer arts and crafts.  As the subject line in the email said : “Nine new ideas that’ll spark kids’ God-given creativity all summer long “.

The article outlines some simple, inexpensive but fun crafts, where the kids can express their own creativity.

Check it out here.  While you are there, why not browse the site. If  you like what you see, you could sign up for the e-news yourself.
Go to this page then scroll down a bit. You will find an orange “E-newsletter sign up” place.

Memory verses: Out-loud learning really works

One sure way to help kids memorize bible verses is to say them out loud. An article on the Psychology Today website confirms what we have probably known all along!

They looked at people’s memory for items like a list of words. They found that if people studied the list by reading half of the words silently and the other half by saying the words out loud, that he words spoken aloud were remembered much better than those that were read silently.

There are lots of games and strategies to make out-loud repetitive learning fun. Speaking out the Word of God is a proven help to remembering.

Kathy Vincent (aka Scripture Lady) has some great ideas from making out-loud learning fun for kids.  Here is a great one. Check it out and see if you would like to use it this week with your class or club

CRAZY STAND UPs  Bible memorization from Scripture Lady

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