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The power of Story-telling

Amplify your message with story-telling

Amplify your message with story-telling

We have blogged here before about the value of story-telling. And today I saw a recent post from Steve Fogg on the same topic.

His post tells of a stunning presentation given by his Pastor, which began with the story of a young man sharing his faith with a friend and ended with…

Well, I’ll let you find that out by hopping over to Steve’s post. I know your heart will be stirred.

He writes on the topic 4 Ways To Use Storytelling To Amplify Your Message.


Free PowerPoint teaching: When I am afraid

We can cope with fear through the power of Jesus ChristJust in time for Hallowe’en (though useful all year round), this free PowerPoint presentation for children, deals sensitively with with how to cope with fear. It begins:

We have all felt fear at some time or another.
Some fears are good. They keep us safe. For example, fear of being hit by a car will help us watch out when crossing a street. Fear of being burned will help us to be careful when we are near camp fires or barbecues.
But sometimes there are fears which are harmful to us. They can take over and spoil our lives and even control what we do, so that we are held back form doing good things we would enjoy and are compelled to wear ourselves out doing other things which are not helpful.
But fears can be zapped, so that will no longer upset us or spoil our lives.

Using scenarios that children can identify with, (including “spooky stuff”, creepy-crawlies, the dark, bullying and others sources of fear)  this presentation gives you visuals and full presenter’s notes. It suggests how you might lead the children in discussion, as well as give the biblical answer to the question “What can I do when I am afraid?”

It focuses on the mighty power of God and shows in very practical steps how we can use the Bible effectively, and how to rely on Christ at all times.

By the end of this session, the children will have learned how to zap some fears by themselves, how to ask for help when they need it and how to trust God to zap the fears that only he can deal with.

Right-click on the links below and save the files to your own computer.

Download the presenter’s notes for When I am Afraid (PDF)

Download the free PowerPoint presentation for When I am Afraid. (8MB)

What is your aim?

As children’s ministry workers, what are we aiming for? What do we hope will be the outcome from our teaching  in the long-term? In other words, what sort of adults do we hope our children will become?

Over at the WhyMissionaries blog, Wanda has put a lot of thought into answering this. Looking at the whole child in every aspect – spiritual, emotional, social, mental and physical – she has begun a list of goals.

Wanda says:

As we pray, plan, develop and implement ministry for children do we ever stop and ask who we want that child to be when he is an adult? I believe asking this question will make a big difference in how we do ministry to children.

Below is my beginning list. I’m sure it will grow and change – if I’ve missed something let me know…

When you see her list, add no doubt add your own items, perhaps you will respond as I did:

What a great personal checklist for me as a teacher! Does my life model these attributes? Phew! Food for thought !

So, in the midst of the nitty-gritty, week-by-week planning  and preparation for your children’s ministry, why not consider Wanda’s challenge and build your own list of long-term goals for your young people. Allow God to mould you, so that you model these qualities. Then he  might use you in some measure to mould the young lives in your care into great men and women of God.

The Apocrypha and Gnosticism: Powerpoint presentation

We know that many of our readers have been downloading PowerPoint presentations and leaders’ notes for the What Christians Believe series.
(See here for Part 1, Part 2 and  Part 3)

Originally, we had only three presentations. But  from those to whom we were teaching  Parts 1-3 came questions about the Apocrypha. So we began to create some teaching to place into context these books, which appear in some versions of the Bible and not others.

Then, with the rising popularity of The Da Vinci Code book and film, came questions about what Dan Brown and others believed regarding the life of Jesus and the people surrounding him. So Gnosticism became another topic, and it sat very well with the teaching we were preparing on the Biblical Apocrypha.

This PowerPoint presentation and leaders’ notes is now available for you here. As you will see from another post, the materials found on this site need not be confined to children’s ministry.  Youth and adults will benefit from this, too.

In The Bible Part 4: Apocrypha and Gnosticism you will find material which answers the questions:

  • What is the Apocrypha?
  • Does it fit in with the rest of the Bible?
  • Why are these books not accepted by main-stream evangelicals?
  • What are the Gnostic Gospels?
  • What do gnostics today believe?
  • Are present day gnostics correct in their thinking?

To download the files for this presentation, right-click on the links below and save to your own computer.

The Bible Part 4 – The Biblical Apocrypha and Gnosticism – Powerpoint file

The Bible Part 4 – The Biblical Apocrypha and Gnosticism – Leaders’ notes PDF

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