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Simply Nativity PowerPoint presentation

Last year we made a PowerPoint presentation with simple The shepherd going to Bethlehem from a free Christmas Powerpoint Presentationillustrations.  It was  intended for children aged 5-7 years. But, of course, you can adapt the language to any age group.

As the post announcing this resource is deep in our archives, we are flagging it up again here, to let you know that the free PowerPoint is still available for download, as is the PDF with notes for a simple presentation of the Bible story of the first Christmas.

Detail from a free Powerpoint Christmas nativity presentationWe have found little children are not the only ones who love to hear this story retold. Older children and adults alike have enjoyed this presentation, with the colourful and endearing pictures. We hope you might find it useful in whatever context you are working.

>> Download the Nativity PowerPoint presentation 

>>Download the outline script for the Nativity PowerPoint Presentation [PDF]

Free Powerpoint presentation: Christmas Gifts

Christmas gifts under the Christmas treeOne of our colleagues in The Faith Mission, Mabel Brush of the North Irish District, has originated a brief Christmas talk, which is illustrated on PowerPoint.

Based on the people who gave something on the first Christmas, and speaking of what they gave, this Bible-based presentation, like all the resources here on Effective Childrens Ministry,  is free to download.

There are also notes with suggestions as to how you might present the teaching. You can download these separately and see if the presentation suits your needs.

To download, RIGHT-CLICK on the links below and follow the dialog to save the file to your own computer.

If you have any difficulties, feel free to contact  us (Catherine and Lin). Details are on our contact page.

Download Christmas Gifts Powerpoint
Download Christmas Gifts Notes (PDF)

Is Christmas a Myth or Truth?

We made this PowerPoint teaching available a year ago. It was one of the first items we uploaded onto this blog.

Since then, many more visitors have joined us here, so it seems apt to flag it up again, as older blogs can sink to the bottom of the archives!

Myth or Truth? is a  PowerPoint presentation which may be used as one element in a service, or as the basis of a small group Bible study.

It is a brief introduction to the main areas of evidence which prove that Jesus is the promised Messiah, Saviour of all who trust in him.
Develop this as you wish. It is absolutely free to download.

A script is provided in PDF format, to guide you through the slides. 

Download the Powerpoint Presentation for Myth or Truth

Download the “Myth or Truth?” PowerPoint Presentation

Download the script for Myth or Truth

Download the script for “Myth or Truth?” (PDF)

Free PowerPoint teaching: When I am afraid

We can cope with fear through the power of Jesus ChristJust in time for Hallowe’en (though useful all year round), this free PowerPoint presentation for children, deals sensitively with with how to cope with fear. It begins:

We have all felt fear at some time or another.
Some fears are good. They keep us safe. For example, fear of being hit by a car will help us watch out when crossing a street. Fear of being burned will help us to be careful when we are near camp fires or barbecues.
But sometimes there are fears which are harmful to us. They can take over and spoil our lives and even control what we do, so that we are held back form doing good things we would enjoy and are compelled to wear ourselves out doing other things which are not helpful.
But fears can be zapped, so that will no longer upset us or spoil our lives.

Using scenarios that children can identify with, (including “spooky stuff”, creepy-crawlies, the dark, bullying and others sources of fear)  this presentation gives you visuals and full presenter’s notes. It suggests how you might lead the children in discussion, as well as give the biblical answer to the question “What can I do when I am afraid?”

It focuses on the mighty power of God and shows in very practical steps how we can use the Bible effectively, and how to rely on Christ at all times.

By the end of this session, the children will have learned how to zap some fears by themselves, how to ask for help when they need it and how to trust God to zap the fears that only he can deal with.

Right-click on the links below and save the files to your own computer.

Download the presenter’s notes for When I am Afraid (PDF)

Download the free PowerPoint presentation for When I am Afraid. (8MB)

Memory verses: Out-loud learning really works

One sure way to help kids memorize bible verses is to say them out loud. An article on the Psychology Today website confirms what we have probably known all along!

They looked at people’s memory for items like a list of words. They found that if people studied the list by reading half of the words silently and the other half by saying the words out loud, that he words spoken aloud were remembered much better than those that were read silently.

There are lots of games and strategies to make out-loud repetitive learning fun. Speaking out the Word of God is a proven help to remembering.

Kathy Vincent (aka Scripture Lady) has some great ideas from making out-loud learning fun for kids.  Here is a great one. Check it out and see if you would like to use it this week with your class or club

CRAZY STAND UPs  Bible memorization from Scripture Lady

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