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8-Pin Bowling Free Review Game

You can make your Bible review games extra fun with this free downloadable game. Using two dice and some numbered laminated skittle images mounted on a board, you can play a game of 8-pin bowling with two teams.

If a team answered your review question correctly they throw the two dice. The numbers they throw determine which of their skittles or pins come off the board.

This game has been the cause of great excitement and a cliff-hanging finish! Sometime one team romps ahead and “knocks off” all their skittles except one. They are looking for the two dice numbers they need to make up that last number for the skittle. As each turn passes, and they do not find the right combination, the team that was so far behind is catching up. A great lesson on not giving up!

Incidentally, we found this worked well in schools, where teachers appreciated the children having a mental arithmetic work-out!

If you download this free add-on to your own review questions, you will find full instructions and printable skittles in a PDF.

FREE 8-Pin Bowling (Skittles) review Game

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