Do you feel like quitting?

Greg Baird recently wrote:

We all want to quit sometimes.  Discouragement can be daunting.
Hurt.  Disappointment.  Fear.  And a number of other emotions can bring us to our knees.  We want to quit.  Just give up.

For some of us, a year of children’s clubs is drawing to a close. Some kids’ clubs close over the summer.

For others among the kidmin community, summer approaches all to soon, with VBSs (Vacation Bible Schools, or Summer Holiday Clubs) to plan, volunteers to train and next year’s curriculum to organize as well!

Do you ever feel like quitting, and making this your last year as a kids’ club leader or volunteer, or making this your last VBS?

Or maybe the deluge of discouragement you are feeling right now is coming from somewhere else, other than the children’s ministry.

Whatever is getting you down right now,  I hope you’ll surf over to Greg’s blog, read the comfort and challenge that his chosen Scripture give us, and ponder his keys to perseverance.

Disappointed and Discouraged

It has been said that the greatest weapon the devil has against Christians is discouragement. And those involved in kids’ ministry are not immune from it.

We work hard – investing time, energy and emotion into a project, only to find that numbers are less than we hoped for, or we have few reliable helpers or…any number of things have made us dejected.

James Kennison, a children’s worker full of passion and very up-beat in his ministry, has experienced the lows as well as the highs of children’s ministry.

His thoughtful blog post  at will be a great help to any who are feeling a bit low just now.  James and his wife had  distributed 1000 invitations, and hoped for 30 new faces at their Valentine’s Day family outreach. Instead, 5 kids brought 5 visitors.

Read how this affected him, and what God said to him  in this discouraging disappointment.

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