Evidence for the Resurrection – PowerPoint teaching

Image by ChristianWallpaper.org

As Easter is approaching, we have been keen to create a free PowerPoint teaching aid for you to use with kids, teens or even adults.

Only Part 1 is ready at present. It covers 9 powerful evidences for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Part 2, when it is ready, will deal with  5 common objections to this core belief of Christianity and answer each one.

Part 1 – The Evidence covers details of

  • The broken seal
  • The stone moved away
  • The grave clothes intact
  • The  empty tomb
  • The evidence of the women
  • The guards evidence
  • The appearances of the risen Christ
  • The transformation of the disciples
  • The unbelievers who changed their minds

Accompanying the PowerPoint presentation is a set of Presenter’s Notes. They are in PDF format for you to download and print out. These will guide you through the presentation, with cues indicating when to advance the slide. The notes are full enough for you to read aloud as they are, but we recommend that you “make them your own” and adapt them to suit the age and culture of the people you are working with.

Here are three sample slides, to show you the type of visuals that are included.

What the guards saw and experienced

Peter’s list of some of those who saw Jesus alive after the resurrection

Christ’s followers became bold, despite opposition

To download the whole presentation,  RIGHT-click on the links below  and save the files to your computer.

Oh, one more thing, this has been completed to the best of our ability,though quickly, to get it to you in time for Easter.  So there may be some typos or something might not work as it should. We are using the 2010 version of PowerPoint, and we are not sure if the slide animations will behave themselves if you are using an earlier version. We would value your feed-back in order to get this as good as it is possible to be and help you all we can.

Please let us know if you are having problems by visiting our contact page.

Don’t  forget to download your notes as well as the PowerPoint!

1Download the PRESENTERS’ NOTES  for Evidences of the Resurrection of Christ (PDF)

2Download the Free POWERPOINT  presentation for Evidences of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (5.7mb)

**News Update!**

If you do not have PowerPoint you can now download the Resurrection presentation in Open Office Format


Palm Sunday craft


Palm Sunday craft

Image from childrensministry.com

Children’s Ministry magazine is always a fund of great ideas. There online resources are no exception.

In this craft and activity you can wave your home-made palm branches and shout praises to Jesus, while thanking God for the blessings others bring into your lives.

This idea for a family Palm Sunday celebration can be used in a church context, family worship or class room. Just adapt the setting. The discussion and craft are very versatile and helpful. Through our own emotions we can gain a greater understanding of what the Jerusalem people and Jesus felt. We can also have opportunity to value and appreciate others – and that is always good.

Here is the Palm Sunday activity and craft plan from Childrensministry.com

Miracles of the cross learned with gestures

Would you like to see a video of two of the cutest kids on the planet showing what they have learned about the Crucifixion? They use finger gestures to help recall the “5 mighty miracles of the cross”.

Hop over to becomingsaturated.com.

I defy you not to grin from ear to ear when you watch the girls and then try to remember the gestures so that you can teach your kids!

Paper-tearing illustrates the Easter story

Do you need a brief children’s Easter talk with a memorable visual aid? Then you might enjoy Don Stott’s post over at Childrensministerblog.com.

Using a sheet of newspaper and niftily tearing some simple shapes, he reveals the heart of the Easter gospel message.

Don has used this in primary (elementary) schools with great success, but people of all ages will be captivated.

Check out Don’s post, where he has full instructions with photos.

Great Easter fun ideas

ChildrensMinistry.com is a great source of ideas and materials. In this article there are heaps of ideas for fun activities of an easter theme, including “Donkey Relays” , papier-mâché piñatas, using ice cubes  and making yummy Easter snacks.

It’s a varied bunch of ideas where there is sure to be something to suit your facilities and your children. Check it out here.

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