Mother’s day and kids with no mum

Once again our friends over at have come up with a practical and sensitive article.

To quote from the introduction:

Some of the children in our classrooms may not have a mother present in the home due to death, abandonment, military service, incarceration, custody issues, or various other circumstances.Parents can also be dealing with Mother’s Day grief, especially for those who have lost a child or their own mother recently. These feelings often will affect all the children in the family. So how can we approach the day with compassion? 

You can find  Mother’s Day & Kids Who Have Lost Their Mom here.

There is also a companion post on Father’s Day & Kids Who Have Lost Their Dad

Helping single-parent families

What are the needs of single-parent families?

How does the situation affect the children?

What can we do to minister to these needs?

How can we in children’s ministry avoid problems?

If you would like to know the answers to these and other questions about this type of family, then the article in the link will give you more understanding, ideas and advice.

Go to A House Divided, by Lori Haynes Niles

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