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Mini Olympic Games

We once had a few kids round to our flat. Our living room was a tight fit with 8 childrens and two of us adults. But we had great fun with an Olympic games afternoon. We played:
“Discus” – who could flick their tiddly-wink the furthest?
“Bowls” – we used marbles
“Shot putt” – throwing bean bag into a bucket
“Relays” – were “run” by scuttling across the carpet on bottoms!
“Javelin” – baby buds are safe and can be thrown a remarkable distance!

We added our own games like fuzzy darts and “connect four”.

After the games we had an indoor picnic, followed by singing and a Bible lesson with plenty of visuals. Finally a quiz review game.

It was a very pleasant and memorable afternoon and evening that built strong relationships with the children.

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