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New Year – New start

We love to flag up posts on sites other than our own, which may be a help to our readers. Ken Sapp, on his website Creative Youth Ideas, has some tried and tested suggestions for work among children or youth.
Suggestions for a Christian youth meeting about feet

His post “Step Up in the New Year” brings together ideas for the start of a new season.

“A person’s feet tell us two very important facts: where one is standing and which way one is going.”

Fun Games

Ken has collated some fun games suitable for children or teens around the theme of feet. There are bound to be several that will suit your group. One example with bare feet and marker pens sounds hilarious!!

Spiritual connections

He follows these with suggestions for opening up the spiritual aspects, using Bible references, and finally adds some very practical and thought-provoking life applications.

There is even an idea for a simple take-home reminder of the theme.

If you are looking for something to start your new season of ministry, maybe this is for you!

Free Valentine’s PowerPoint game

Free PowerPoint game for Valentine's DayThis new PowerPoint game, like all the others on EffectiveChildrensMinistry.org, is completely free.

It is simple to play and has the added bonus of additional slides, suitable for a brief comment on the eternal nature of God’s love, and how it is seen in Christ’s sacrifice.

After the title image, the game is played on one slide. The children choose a number (if played as a review game, they earn the right by answering a question correctly). Once that number is clicked, it reveals a chocolate.  Ordinary chocs score 25, but heart chocs are worth 50 points!

Full instructions are included on the slides at the end, together with a suggested commentary on the bonus extra slides.

RIGHT-click on the links below to download the PowerPoint and save it to your computer.

If you do not have the PowerPoint program on your computer, you can still enjoy the game by downloading the PPS version. This is a self playing version which will start and fill your screen. Use the mouse to click and advance the slides, and then click on the cookies in the usual way.

Download the free PowerPoint game: Chocolate Hearts. (Full PowerPoint version)

Download the free PowerPoint game: Chocolate Hearts. PPS (Self running Powerpoint Show)

What does “fun” mean?

FUN! We use the word all the time in kids’ ministry.  We want our kids to have a fun time, doing fun activities.  This is because when they are happy and absorbed, they will learn more quickly and remember more effectively. And, of course, they will want to come back next week.

Never wanting to over use any word, We were looking recently for alternatives. But somehow they didn’t seem to work the same! Congenial, amusing, diverting, jolly – none of them seems to hit the nail completely on the head. And none of them would be clearly understood by children.

We came to the conclusion that “fun” is a word kids understand very well. They may not be able to define it, but they surely know when they are enjoying it!

Naturally, there will be solemn times as we teach our clubs and classes. There will be rules and responsibilities for the children. But if the overwhelming thought they have as they leave our care is not  “What a fun time I’ve had!” can we expect them to return of their own accord?

A fun time means :

  • A pleasant, friendly atmosphere where each child knows he or she is  welcomed, appreciated and valued.
  • Activities which engage their interests and gives them space to stretch their creativity and hone their skills.
  • Children learning something without necessarily feeling it was an effort.
  • No boredom, but a varied program with some surprises.
  • Friendship and fellowship at a spiritual as well as a natural level.

What would you add to the list? How would you define “fun”.

What suggestions would you have for ensuring that the time the children spend in your care is a fun time?  We’d love to know your thoughts! So feel free to add a comment below.

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