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Wayne’s October Kidmin Mega Bundle

We used to call it a Bumper Bundle. But now the monthly round up of Children’s Ministry blogs by Wayne Stocks (aka Dad in the Middle) has gone MEGA!!

The list of blog posts from around the ‘net is comprehensive, varied, fascinating and above all else, thoroughly useful.

As it is divided into categories, you can browse the list for whaat you are interested in. This month’s list includes:

  • Featured Article of the Month
  • Kids & the Gospel of Christ
  • Kids & Culture
  • On Teaching & Working With Kids
  • General Ministry Issues
  • Discipline
  • Leaders and Leadership
  • Volunteers
  • Family Ministry / Orange
  • Special Needs
  • Kids & The Bible
  • Games
  • Internet Sites and Resources
  • Coloring Pages
  • Other Kidmin Resources (Music, Conferences, Etc.)
  • Other General Resources (Bible Study, Theology, Etc.)
  • Curriculum and Object Lessons
  • Parenting and Marriage Issues
  • Devotions for Kids and Families
  • Just For Fun

So why not go over now to the October 2010 Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol. There’s a wealth of good stuff to browse and bookmark for later use.

New kidmin blog directory

Wouldn’t it be great to see a whole stash of children’s ministry blogs listed in one place? Somewhere you could go to get the latest posts and Tweets? And all as they are being uploaded?

You will find just that at the new CM Blitz site, a kidmin blog directory from CMBuzz.

You’ll find sections on  “what’s new”, “what’s hot” , as well as fresh posts from Twitter (tweets), refreshed in real time.

It is more than a list of blogs, because with one click you can access individual blog posts from each of the listed sites. Hit the graphic above to hop on over and have a look. Better still, why not bookmark the page and visit often? If at first you don’t see anything, scroll down and you’ll find the lists.

What is your aim?

As children’s ministry workers, what are we aiming for? What do we hope will be the outcome from our teaching  in the long-term? In other words, what sort of adults do we hope our children will become?

Over at the WhyMissionaries blog, Wanda has put a lot of thought into answering this. Looking at the whole child in every aspect – spiritual, emotional, social, mental and physical – she has begun a list of goals.

Wanda says:

As we pray, plan, develop and implement ministry for children do we ever stop and ask who we want that child to be when he is an adult? I believe asking this question will make a big difference in how we do ministry to children.

Below is my beginning list. I’m sure it will grow and change – if I’ve missed something let me know…

When you see her list, add no doubt add your own items, perhaps you will respond as I did:

What a great personal checklist for me as a teacher! Does my life model these attributes? Phew! Food for thought !

So, in the midst of the nitty-gritty, week-by-week planning  and preparation for your children’s ministry, why not consider Wanda’s challenge and build your own list of long-term goals for your young people. Allow God to mould you, so that you model these qualities. Then he  might use you in some measure to mould the young lives in your care into great men and women of God.

Internet daily comic for Chinese youth

For anyone who has contact with young Chinese people this new online daily comic, Little Fish,  will be of interest. As the Digital Evangelism Issues says: “This story-telling approach is designed to redemptively engage with Chinese young people. Tell your Chinese friends (in appropriate sensitive terms)”

It certainly seems to have characters which encapsulate the problems and attitudes of modern young people. There is an English version too. Perhaps there are youngsters in your group that would enjoy and benefit from this thought-provoking series.

Home made no-cook play dough

Playdough from Ministry-to-Children.com

There are plenty of recipes for play dough to make at home, but many involve cooking.

This great one from Ministry-to-Children.com not only looks good but smells nice too!

It involves Kool-Aid , which for us in the UK is difficult and expensive to get. But for those of you who can get hold of it, Kool-Aid seems to be the secret ingredient!

>>There are full instructions and a video demo here.

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