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The priority of children’s ministry

“If I could relive my life, I would devote my entire ministry
to reaching children for God!”– Dwight L. Moody

 “We believe that children and young people should be
the single greatest priority for Christian work in the coming
“If children’s work is neglected you lose the next generation.
– Patrick Johnstone

“Children are the living messages we send to a time we will
not see.” – John Whitehead

Wayne’s October Kidmin Mega Bundle

We used to call it a Bumper Bundle. But now the monthly round up of Children’s Ministry blogs by Wayne Stocks (aka Dad in the Middle) has gone MEGA!!

The list of blog posts from around the ‘net is comprehensive, varied, fascinating and above all else, thoroughly useful.

As it is divided into categories, you can browse the list for whaat you are interested in. This month’s list includes:

  • Featured Article of the Month
  • Kids & the Gospel of Christ
  • Kids & Culture
  • On Teaching & Working With Kids
  • General Ministry Issues
  • Discipline
  • Leaders and Leadership
  • Volunteers
  • Family Ministry / Orange
  • Special Needs
  • Kids & The Bible
  • Games
  • Internet Sites and Resources
  • Coloring Pages
  • Other Kidmin Resources (Music, Conferences, Etc.)
  • Other General Resources (Bible Study, Theology, Etc.)
  • Curriculum and Object Lessons
  • Parenting and Marriage Issues
  • Devotions for Kids and Families
  • Just For Fun

So why not go over now to the October 2010 Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol. There’s a wealth of good stuff to browse and bookmark for later use.

The power of Story-telling

Amplify your message with story-telling

Amplify your message with story-telling

We have blogged here before about the value of story-telling. And today I saw a recent post from Steve Fogg on the same topic.

His post tells of a stunning presentation given by his Pastor, which began with the story of a young man sharing his faith with a friend and ended with…

Well, I’ll let you find that out by hopping over to Steve’s post. I know your heart will be stirred.

He writes on the topic 4 Ways To Use Storytelling To Amplify Your Message.


Summer arts and crafts

It is always a blessing and inspiration to hear or read of other people’s ideas. We have been signed up to the e-newsletter of ChildrensMinistry.com for some time.
There is a quality and consistency about the tips and ideas their writers share.
This month’s e-news contains a link to a great selection of summer arts and crafts.  As the subject line in the email said : “Nine new ideas that’ll spark kids’ God-given creativity all summer long “.

The article outlines some simple, inexpensive but fun crafts, where the kids can express their own creativity.

Check it out here.  While you are there, why not browse the site. If  you like what you see, you could sign up for the e-news yourself.
Go to this page http://www.childrensministry.com/magazine/ then scroll down a bit. You will find an orange “E-newsletter sign up” place.

It’s Bumper Bundle time again!

Yes, it’s that time of month when Wayne Stocks (aka Dad in the Middle) captures links to all the best in the kidmin blogosphere!

If you want a ” one-stop-shop” with free articles, tips, resources, challenge and anything else to do with children’s ministry, then Wayne’s Blog Patrol is for you.

This list is a great resource for all of us. Wayne does the web browsing for us and we benefit. Once again, everything is in easy-to-find categories, including:

  • On Teaching & Working With Kids
  • Storytelling
  • Discipline
  • Leaders and Leadership
  • Volunteers
  • Games
  • Internet Sites & Resources
  • Other Resources (Music, Conferences, Etc.)
  • Curriculum and Object Lessons
  • Parenting and Marriage Issues
  • Just For Fun …
  •  and TONS more!

    Check out The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol (April 2010)

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