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Palm Sunday craft


Palm Sunday craft

Image from childrensministry.com

Children’s Ministry magazine is always a fund of great ideas. There online resources are no exception.

In this craft and activity you can wave your home-made palm branches and shout praises to Jesus, while thanking God for the blessings others bring into your lives.

This idea for a family Palm Sunday celebration can be used in a church context, family worship or class room. Just adapt the setting. The discussion and craft are very versatile and helpful. Through our own emotions we can gain a greater understanding of what the Jerusalem people and Jesus felt. We can also have opportunity to value and appreciate others – and that is always good.

Here is the Palm Sunday activity and craft plan from Childrensministry.com

Christmas school assembly ideas

Damaris Trust is a wonderful organization that creates resources for evangelism. Their goal is to relate the Bible message to popular culture, including using movies to explore the theme of redemption.

This year, Damaris have once again received permission to use snippets from the British film Nativity! Using this as a starting point, they have created ideas for a primary school Christmas season assembly.

When you visit the Christmas assembly page  you can click to open up the elements you wish to use and have a PDF made of those parts.
There is also a PowerPoint presentation to use and ideas for drama, singing and a time of reflection.

To view the Damaris suggestions and pick up the PowerPoint, visit the Collective worship for Christmas page.

You may also find these free Christmas resources of ours to be helpful.

  • Christmas – Myth or Truth?   PowerPoint teaching
  • Christmas Gifts  PowerPoint teaching
  • Christmas lights  Powerpoint Quiz
  • Christmas Cookie Count  Powerpoint Quiz
  • Christmas Cookie Count  printable Quiz
  • C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S  Simple spelling presentation the kids can “perform”.
  • Free PowerPoint teaching: When I am afraid

    We can cope with fear through the power of Jesus ChristJust in time for Hallowe’en (though useful all year round), this free PowerPoint presentation for children, deals sensitively with with how to cope with fear. It begins:

    We have all felt fear at some time or another.
    Some fears are good. They keep us safe. For example, fear of being hit by a car will help us watch out when crossing a street. Fear of being burned will help us to be careful when we are near camp fires or barbecues.
    But sometimes there are fears which are harmful to us. They can take over and spoil our lives and even control what we do, so that we are held back form doing good things we would enjoy and are compelled to wear ourselves out doing other things which are not helpful.
    But fears can be zapped, so that will no longer upset us or spoil our lives.

    Using scenarios that children can identify with, (including “spooky stuff”, creepy-crawlies, the dark, bullying and others sources of fear)  this presentation gives you visuals and full presenter’s notes. It suggests how you might lead the children in discussion, as well as give the biblical answer to the question “What can I do when I am afraid?”

    It focuses on the mighty power of God and shows in very practical steps how we can use the Bible effectively, and how to rely on Christ at all times.

    By the end of this session, the children will have learned how to zap some fears by themselves, how to ask for help when they need it and how to trust God to zap the fears that only he can deal with.

    Right-click on the links below and save the files to your own computer.

    Download the presenter’s notes for When I am Afraid (PDF)

    Download the free PowerPoint presentation for When I am Afraid. (8MB)

    Free lesson outlines – Hebrews

    Free children’s bible ministry lessons are always welcome.  So we thought that we would post from time to time about such resources, as we become aware of them. Have a look and see if anything is suitable for you.

    Posting about these resources is not  an indication that we have read  and approved everything . We simply want you to know about them and use your own judgement concerning their suitability for your work.

    After mentioning today a free 3-year curriculum plan from Kidology, we have just seen a blog post from the excellent FreeCMStuff.com site.

    There you will find news of a free 13-week course outline for children’s bible lessons. Made available by Children’s Ministries University Online, the course marries principles from the book of Hebrews to lessons from the Gospels.

    You can download and review the course here.

    Look for “The Book of Hebrews: 13 Weeks of Children’s Church Lessons”

    Free 3-year curriculum

    I just picked up a Tweet from Karl at Kidology. He says: ”  

    Missionaries around the world: Are you aware of this 100% FREE Complete 3 Year Bible Curricula? http://kidology.org/opensource 

    The Kidology web site tells more: 

    Kidology Open Source Curriculum is a collection teaching tools you download, remix, and share with others!

    Kidology is excited to offer a complete 3-year children’s ministry curriculum for FREE.     

    This collection consists of three 1-year programs: Old Testament Chronological Study, New Testament Chronological Study, and Value Keepers of the Bible.  We’re big fans of the collaborative power of the Internet to take something and make it better, so we’re “open sourcing” these studies written with extensive detail by Susan E. Harper, author of our popular The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe Companion Study. Whether or not you are a Kidology Member, you can download and use all the units from this series with grades 1-6.

    To download the material you need to be a member of Kidology, but there is a free membership level which qualifies you for these downloads.
    Sign up is quick and easy and you get instant access to this material. If you are on a budget, and would value the suggestions of this structured curriculum, with ideas for activities and games as well as Bible teaching, then check out the information page.

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