Home made no-cook play dough

Playdough from Ministry-to-Children.com

There are plenty of recipes for play dough to make at home, but many involve cooking.

This great one from Ministry-to-Children.com not only looks good but smells nice too!

It involves Kool-Aid , which for us in the UK is difficult and expensive to get. But for those of you who can get hold of it, Kool-Aid seems to be the secret ingredient!

>>There are full instructions and a video demo here.

Meeting special needs and pre-school curriculum

Do you have a child in your family or group that has special needs? I have  been very impressed at the regularity and quality of posts on
Our Out of Sync Life.

The author, Momma C. sums up her site like this:

God has blessed us with three beautiful children – one with Sensory Processing Disorder, a very Strong Willed middle child, and a Spirited Little Man. Follow us as we learn to train up our children to love the Lord with all of their heart, soul, and mind.

Even if right now there are no children in your care with special needs, you will still find this blog very uplifting and illuminating. There are heaps of ideas for crafts, and other learning opportunities.

Momma C is a trained educator  and she also runs a companion site , ABC Jesus Loves Me.   This is a pre-school Bible curriculum, free for use in the home. It is especially helpful for children with developmental delays.

I’d encourage you to check out these wonderful sites.
Our Out of Sync LifeABC Jesus Loves Me

Pre-school songs and activities on video

Cullen Wood is an experienced Christian pre-school worker. She has her own channel on YouTube with sections for children’s action songs, activities, stories and Christian songs.

Cullen shows us how to help kids remember Bible truths and songs by using finger play. She interacts with Gator the puppet, encouraging little ones to focus and follow the teaching. She demonstrates craft and other activities that she has used successfully with tinies and shows how you can set up these fun times for your children.

Her site, Cullen’sABC’s is rich with all sorts of inspiring stuff. It’s ideal for anyone who has young children in their family or Sunday School class.

Every time I watch Cullen and Gator, I end up with a big smile! They are not only informatiove, but very uplifting. Best of all, from the comments made by her users, Cullen has quite a fan club of toddlers and tots!

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