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Free resources for Christmas party publicity

You may well be planning your children’s Christmas party round about now. Are you looking for free downloadable resources, to help you  produce professionally designed invitations and flyers?

We thought you might be interested in a web site we’ve just come across.

Christian Tools of Affirmation have some products to buy, but they also generously make available  for free download PDFs which you can customize. Invitations, flyers,  cards, door hangers, even related service plans for schools, are on their pages.

This year’s theme is Love came down at Christmas. Free Christmas party invitation resources

Last year’s theme is also still available. It was Happy Birthday Jesus.

Christmas school assembly ideas

Damaris Trust is a wonderful organization that creates resources for evangelism. Their goal is to relate the Bible message to popular culture, including using movies to explore the theme of redemption.

This year, Damaris have once again received permission to use snippets from the British film Nativity! Using this as a starting point, they have created ideas for a primary school Christmas season assembly.

When you visit the Christmas assembly page  you can click to open up the elements you wish to use and have a PDF made of those parts.
There is also a PowerPoint presentation to use and ideas for drama, singing and a time of reflection.

To view the Damaris suggestions and pick up the PowerPoint, visit the Collective worship for Christmas page.

You may also find these free Christmas resources of ours to be helpful.

  • Christmas – Myth or Truth?   PowerPoint teaching
  • Christmas Gifts  PowerPoint teaching
  • Christmas lights  Powerpoint Quiz
  • Christmas Cookie Count  Powerpoint Quiz
  • Christmas Cookie Count  printable Quiz
  • C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S  Simple spelling presentation the kids can “perform”.
  • Key to success or a mess – free review game

    What is the key to making a success of your life? What is the key to making a mess? By choosing random key pictures, and reading the  scenario on the back, the kids are encouraged to think about the consequences of their actions.

    This game goes really well with any story where the character makes a mess, or is tempted to do something wrong. For example, Joseph showing off ; David not attacking Saul in cave; Abraham getting a son his own way instead of trusting God’s promise, the disciples turning away the children, Peter cutting off the man’s ear, etc.

    In schools, the practical and moral message of the scenarios is appreciated very much.

    The download is a single PDF file, which contains the images, suggested scenarios and full instructions.

    Download the Key to Success or a Mess Review Game

    Another game we featured recently may be of interest to you.
    You can find the Helping or Hurting Hands review game in a previous post.

    Now available: the POWERPOINT VERSION!!!

    **CLICK HERE FOR the POWERPOINT VERSION of Key to Success or a Mess.

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