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The power of Story-telling

Amplify your message with story-telling

Amplify your message with story-telling

We have blogged here before about the value of story-telling. And today I saw a recent post from Steve Fogg on the same topic.

His post tells of a stunning presentation given by his Pastor, which began with the story of a young man sharing his faith with a friend and ended with…

Well, I’ll let you find that out by hopping over to Steve’s post. I know your heart will be stirred.

He writes on the topic 4 Ways To Use Storytelling To Amplify Your Message.


Six steps to story-telling skills

An excellent article on Inside Northpoint Kids blog is entitles The Making of a GREAT Preschool Storyteller.

But all the points mentioned are relevant for story-telling to kids of any age, not just pre-schoolers. 

We may not all be born story-tellers or communicators, but this article will help us all to improve our skills.

Read here about the six steps to story-telling skills.

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