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Free Powerpoint: The structure of the Bible

Why we can believe and trust the Bible is covered in Parts 1 and Part 2 of our free PowerPoint teaching series About the Bible.

Here is another presentation, dealing with such matters as:

  • What sort of things are in the Bible?
  • What are the Old and New Testaments?
  • What is the difference between them?
  • How did the books that are in the Bible get there?
  • What are “verses” ?

The presentation gives opportunity for you to share your own real-life experience of God helping you through the Bible. Or perhaps you have a helper you would like to involve in this way.

The presentation  finishes with an open-ended challenge, which you can develop to suit your group’s age and development.

We have found that children, teens and adults alike have valued this sort of information.

Full presenter’s notes are included and you are free to adapt and develop them to suit your group. To  download these files, Right-Click on the link and save the file to your hard drive. When you open this file, the presentation will self-run.

The Bible Part 3 : PowerPoint presentation  (10 MB .pps file)

The Bible Part 3 : Presenter’s notes   (PDF)

Kids and parents from outside the church

Do we make children from outside the church feel welcome?What if some of the children in your meeting have no family in the church? What if Christian church life is a foreign culture to them? How can you relate Bible principles to their life experience? And how might you engage their parents with the Christian message, so that they feel welcome and comfortable in church?

Reaching beyond the church walls, out into a culture which is not familiar with Christianity, is not easy. But Gary Newton has tackled these issues in a thoughtful and thorough way, over at ChristianMinistry.com.

There is a lot of food for thought in Drop Off or Drop Out? Spare five minutes to check it out. And if you have longer, there’s a wealth of good things elsewhere on the site.

Free lesson outlines – Hebrews

Free children’s bible ministry lessons are always welcome.  So we thought that we would post from time to time about such resources, as we become aware of them. Have a look and see if anything is suitable for you.

Posting about these resources is not  an indication that we have read  and approved everything . We simply want you to know about them and use your own judgement concerning their suitability for your work.

After mentioning today a free 3-year curriculum plan from Kidology, we have just seen a blog post from the excellent FreeCMStuff.com site.

There you will find news of a free 13-week course outline for children’s bible lessons. Made available by Children’s Ministries University Online, the course marries principles from the book of Hebrews to lessons from the Gospels.

You can download and review the course here.

Look for “The Book of Hebrews: 13 Weeks of Children’s Church Lessons”

Make a home-made xylophone

Glasses, water and shredded paper can teach a musical lesson. 

Ken Sapp over at CreativeYouthMinistries has blogged about how to help the kids can make a Do-It-Yourself xylophone and even play tunes. 

Taking it one step further, Ken suggests substituting the water in one glass with shredded paper, and a spiritual lesson can be illustrated – living in harmony, being a blessing to others and the need for God in our lives.

Full details, and tons more great ideas, are over at  Ken’s blog:

Creative Youth Ministries

Kid’s ministry Internet Resources in one place

We have already highlighted the great list of resources at Dad in the Middle, the blog of children’s minister Wayne Stocks.

Now he has uploaded his Monthly review for January and it’s a real bumper bundle!  To give you  the flavour of what Wayne has gathered this month in his “Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol” here is his table of contents:

  • Practical Teaching Tips and Advice
  • General Ministry Issues
  • Leaders and Leadership
  • Orange Week
  • Volunteers
  • Kids & Theology
  • Kids & Christ
  • Cultural Trends
  • Resources (Music, Conferences, Internet Sites, Books, Games)
  • Curriculum and Object Lessons
  • Family Ministry
  • Parenting and Marriage Issues
  • Just For Fun

For those of us with limited time he has even highlighted the “must-reads”. 

It’s well organized and clear, so you can find your way to the items that most interest you. Enjoy the feast of good things!

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