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Free printable Treasure Chest game

This review game can be played three ways, according to the age of the children.
For preschoolers it is simply an adding on game – each correct response adds a coin to the treasure chest.
For older children it becomes a game with secret bonus points, and encourages mental arithmetic skills as they add the final scores.
The third way of playing is so exciting  that kids want to play it again and again. Will they amass a huge score with their turn, or will they go “bust”?

Here’s how it is played with the third method.
1. The child who answers correctly receives 50 points for the team. These points are immediately “banked” and cannot be lost.
2. He or she then selects as many coins as they wish. Picking one coin at a time, the value is revealed as it is chosen.
3. At any time they can stop and “bank”, what the score they have in their hand, or they can carry on. But if they choose a FAKE, they go “bust” and lose all the points in their hand from that round. They do not lose the 50 points earned from answering the question.
4. After each turn, be sure to rearrange the coins in a random way, so that the children will not learn where the high scoring coins are!
The teams get the same number of questions and the winner is the team with the highest score at the end.

Useful life applications
To counter-balance any sense of grasping for money, it is useful to spend a few minutes discussing which charities or projects the children would donate the money to, if it were real. Or, how else they might spend it for the benefit of others.

The link below will give you a PDF with full instructions (including a page showing how the game board should be laid out) and printable game pieces. All you need to do is cut out and laminate them.

To download the file, Right-Click on the link below and save to your harddrive

Download the Treasure Chest Review Game [PDF].

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