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Valentines chocolates PowerPoint game.

We are digging into the archive to once again bring to the fore a great little PowerPoint game.

Free Valentines PowerPoint gamegame

Bonus slides

In addition to the slides for the game itself (which is straight forward to play and great fun!) there are bonus slides which you may like to use to illustrate a closing comment on the love of God, as shown through Jesus Christ.

A full description and links to the downloadable PowerPoint presentation can be found here.

Valentines Day game

Free PowerPoint game for Valentine's DayValentine’s day is approaching! You may not know that we have a free Powerpoint game that is geared for this.

This game is simple to play and has the added bonus of additional slides, suitable for a brief comment on the eternal nature of God’s love, and how it is seen in Christ’s sacrifice.

It is tucked deep in the archives, so here is a link to the post describing it and giving links to the free downloads.

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